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The role of the Building Department is to review, plans, issue permits and perform inspections of construction throughout your projects. The mandate of the building department is to ensure buildings are built safely and are accessible to all people.
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Building Permit Application Requirements:




What is a building permit?

A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction. It means that plans for any new structure, addition or renovation have been reviewed by the Township, for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the local zoning bylaws and any other applicable laws and regulations.

When is a Building Permit required?

The Ontario Building Code Act (1997) requires a building permit when a person constructs or demolishes a building or causes a building to be constructed or demolished.

A building is defined as:

  • A structure occupying an area greater then ten sq.m. (108 sq.ft.) consisting of a wall, roof and floor or any of them or a structural system serving the function thereof including all plumbing, works, fixtures, and service systems appurtenant thereto,
  • A structure occupying an area of ten sq. m. or less that contains plumbing, including the plumbing appurtenant thereto,
  • Plumbing not located in a structure
  • A sewage system; or
  • Structures designated in the building code

The following examples DO NOT require Building Permits in the Township of Puslinch:

  1. A detached shed that is 10’ x 10’,
  2. A fence (ie. chain link, wood, wrought iron),
  3. Removing the kitchen cupboards and replacing with new cupboards,
  4. Installing new shingles on existing roof,
  5. Removing a non-load bearing wall in a single, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling;
  6. Replacing a fixture (ie. toilet, bathtub or sink) with a new fixture

The following examples DO require a Building Permit in the Township of Puslinch:

  1. A detached shed that is 12’ x 10’
  2. A retaining wall that is greater then 3’-3” in height
  3. Renovation projects where plumbing fixtures are added or relocated,
  4. Removing a load bearing wall, column, lintel or beam,
  5. Renovations including finishing of unfinished basements (Note; if bedroom, code stipulates window sizes for emergency egress),
  6. Building a deck greater then 10 metres square (108 sq. ft)
  7. Adding a woodstove or fireplace
  8. Installing a swimming pool (above or in-ground); or
  9. Demolishing a building

A Septic Permit is required for:

  1. A new or replacement septic system.
  2. Any alterations made to an existing septic system.


Inspections will take place Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to noon. It is your responsibility to call for the mandatory inspections, 48 hrs notice is required.

Need More Information

The building department can help you if you need more assistance. Please contact us at the Township office. Our phone number is 519-763-1226
Should you have questions or comments regarding the above information or any other proposed project, please contact the Building Department. Township staff will confirm whether you require a building permit and if yes, explain the necessary drawings required to apply for a building permit.