The Township of Puslinch
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Delegation Information

Council welcomes and encourages public input.

If you wish to appear before Council you must provide written notice to the Township Clerk.

A Request to Delegate form must be completed in full in order to appear before Council.

Download the Request to Delegate Form

Or in place of the form, you may write a letter.  The letter must include your full name, the name of your organization or business (if relevant), address, telephone number and reason for appearing before Council.

Deadline:  Your form or letter must be received twenty-four (24) hours before the preparation of the Council agenda.  This usually means at least one week before Council meets.

How to Delegate

Delegates are permitted to speak for 10 minutes, followed by a ten (10) minute period for clarification.  Debate is not permitted at this time.

  • Individuals are asked to step forward to the podium at state their name.
  • All concerns must be directed to Council
  • The appropriate way to address Council is to preface their surname with Mayor or Councillor.
  • Delegates must provide a copy of their speaking notes and any additional information they present for inclusion in the public record.
  • Applause and other displays of approval or disapproval during Council are considered inappropriate and are discouraged.

For more information.

For assistance or advice regarding a delegation to Council, please contact, 519-763-1226 ext. 207.