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 ·       Generally act as advisory committee to the Council on planning issues that affect the Township 
 ·       Provide Council with recommendations on development proposals, planning applications and zoning amendment applications, etc., and to investigate such applications thoroughly and to report back to Council.  All such applications will be presented to the Planning Advisory Committee first for review and subsequently be presented to Council with the Committee’s recommendations. 
 ·       Investigation of specific planning issues, as requested by Council, including reviewing and commenting on County of Wellington Land Division Committee applications and Township of Puslinch Committee of Adjustment applications. 
 ·       Development and review of long term planning policies for Council’s consideration, including Zoning By-law updates. 
 ·       The Committee will be provided with an annual budget within which to operate.

 ·       The Committee shall be composed of 2 Councillors and 5 members of the public 
 ·       One of the Councillors shall be appointed as the Committee Chair and the other as  Vice-Chair 
 ·       Secretary shall be appointed by Council

 Meeting Schedule 
 ·       Meetings shall be held on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. or called by the Chair as required.  Meetings are held in Council Chambers at the Municipal Office located at 7404 Wellington Road #34.

 ·       The Chair is responsible for regular reporting to Council 
 ·       Council shall receive minutes of all committee meetings 

 ·       Compensation to be determined by Council 

 PLEASE NOTE: A meeting may be cancelled if there are no issues to discuss.










Planning Advisory Committee
    Robin Wayne 2014  
    Dennis O'Connor 2014  
    Lorne Wallace 2014  
    Marilyn Fisher 2014  
    John Sepulis 2014  
    Vacant, Secretary 2014  
Council Representatives      
    Councillor Ken Roth (Chair)  2014  
    Councillor Jerry Schmidt (V-Chair)  2014  

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